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24 hours are too few!

My dear Friends!
I'm sorry for the long absence from this blog... and from all your blogs! In this period I'm rather busy and it's difficult for me to keep three blogs, especially considering that this blog is a simple translation of CRONACHE MINIME, my italian one. On the other side I' m so sorry to lose all the beautiful people I met through this blog... I know I'm not a writer and I really don't write assiduously... but I like to share my world through photograph most of all and if you would like to visit me again you can do it
here. I promise translation of the few lines I write!! Pictures... they don't need any words!! I hope to read you again and I wish you a wonderful day!


PS of course you can visit my kitchen everytime you like!!!


Sagra della Zucca or Pumpkin Festival!

Every first weekend of October in the village named Piozzo, where our Grandpa lives (marvellous Piedmontese hills), there is the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, a great exhibition of pumpkins which seeds come from all over the world. These nature wonders create a caleidoscopic show of shapes and colours that every year charms a huge number of visitors twisting this quiet village. In the village square you can find many ancient chariots full of multi-coloured pumpkins and a lot of stand selling tipical products of the regions, not only pumpkin based. If you're planning a trip to Italy next year in this period I suggest to include this stunning Festival in your agenda... it worth! For this year you have only to make a virtual tour.


It's still summer...

After a couple of cold cold weeks the summer's here again! Some of these pictures has been taken in august around a stunning mountain town. Maybe you know it: in 2006 hosted Winter Olimpic Games and its name is Sestriere! Ok, those insects could be everywhere but it was Sestriere indeed! I post these pics because they're full of summer!

And BTW, I'm a little busy in this moment, trying to begin some different activities with photography... I need a little more time to re-organize my life then I'll be back!
Don't forget me and keep fingers crossed for me :)
See you soon.


Mother's heart...

There's no doubt, sometimes it's necessary to be oversentimental; when you wander aimlessly into your photograph archives it's unfailing... you go back in time, you note sign of that time on your little "monsters" ... so easy to be moved!! I introduce Little Diddl and Il Ragatzo (something like The Boyz)... or at least part of them :))

See you soon (as I realize that the school has just begun and re-organize my life!)


Geneva: the queen on the lake

Geneva: it was the first time I saw it. It's a strange town: you can breath richness everywhere, everytime you look up you can read important names of watch manufacturers... very very important!! In the lake you can see every kind of sailing boat of every dimension and along the street in the front of the lakeside you can find boutiques of the most important designers; there's a lot of people walking around, riding bikes, going on rollerblades or scooter; nevertheless I felt a little bit annoyed... Unfortunately I didn't find the vivacity of some little towns! Maybe the reason is that I still had the eyes full of the colours and the brightness of Annecy or Yvoire. Anyway here's some pictures; I hope that another visit can change my mind!!

This enormous jet of water is the symbol of Geneva: le JET D'EAU is 140 meters high and you can see it from all over! In fact I couldn't look away...

Is fantastic that you can feel like at the seaside... but it's a lake. I fell quite nervous to have a bath in a lake... Nessy, you know!!

See you soon, for another journey! Next time I'll go to Geneva I hope to meet someone who can guide me for a better and satisfying visit!