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For foreign friends...

As I like to meet people from all over the world I opened an english version of my italian blog "Cronache Minime". In this way I can share my own world, my passions, my photographs and my recipes with anyone who doesn't speak my language.

And, at least, I can improve my (poor) english!!!

For all these reasons all your comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome :)

Enjoy yourself!


  1. I just found your blog! Incredibly beautiful!
    I also think your English is excellent. I grew up in the United States but was born in Korea. I, too, have two blogs one in English and one in Korean, so as not to forget and to improve Korean.

    I will be traveling through Rome and Milan in August. I look forward to catching up with your older posts! Grazie! ;)

  2. Oh well! I'm happy that you've passed here!!!
    Thank you for you kind kind words... I hope you'll enjoy your travel in Italy... I'll come visiting you english blog... korean is too difficult for me!!! For now... ;)
    See you soon!