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Let's cook!!

Here a funny and tasting recipe!! Those are miniquiche, little cakes stuffed with Tyrol smoked ham and radicchio salad.
In a bowl whip 2 eggs with cream (125ml), salt, pepper, nutmeg and grated Parmigiano cheese (a rich portion, about 20-25gr). In a non-stick frying pan brown a chopped onion with a little olive oil, then add in the radicchio cut into little strips then cook gently for about 10 minutes. Add in salt. Cover 4 little jam tart moulds with flaky pastry cut into circles of 12-13cm diameter (I buy the pastry into rolls; with one roll I do 4 cakes). If the mould are not non-stick cover them with oven paper.
Put on the flaky pastry little slices of Tyrol smoked ham, till you cover the bottom, put on the ham 2 table spoons of radicchio e cover all with the cream you have prepared before.
Put the moulds into hot oven (200-220°C) for 15-20 minutes. Serve them lukewarm.

... so difficult to translate recipes... if you find something completely wrong, in terms or idiom, please let me know! I try to put here the recipes I've in the italian blog; it takes me a little time and a little patience from you :)

Thank you.


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