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Once upon a time the "soma d'aj"!

A few days ago I was looking at food photographer blogs and my 9 years old son appeared and stayed a while with me looking pictures. Suddenly he asked: "... but did he shoot the "soma d'aj"?... and disappeared..

Well... "soma d'aj" is a tipical piedmontese bruschetta. To prepare il you will take some bread...

...and rub a garlic clove on top.

Then you can slice it...

and garnish with some olive oil.

This is the simple traditional recipe, but many other versions came up during the years: with tomato, lard and other ingredients. My son's favourite one is with gorgonzola cheese!

Any other creative choice will surely be a success and the long story of "soma d'aj" will have a new chapter!

Try it as an appetizer with a good Barbera wine.
Buon appetito!!!


  1. oh, this sounds delicious and makes my mouth water (and i've only just had breakfast...). will definitely try this!

    it's great you have this blog in english now, will recommend it to my friends!

  2. Thank you Kristina!! Don't worry... it's only the beginning!!! I think to post here many and many italian and traditional recipes :)
    Have a nice day!!

  3. this looks very good. simple things are always the best...

  4. I absolutely agree...
    Thanks for visit :-)