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The Dove of Peace

Visiting Ribbon' s fragments treasures memory I found this little dove... and now it's resting here on my sidebar in Turin, Italy!!!
She's flying and flying and flying... some more peace it's a good thing for this poor Earth...
If you want take the little dove with you and spread this message of peace around the world.
Thank you!

Ethereal memories

I could absolutely not hold... as I saw one of them I had to blow! Every time I saw one in green meadows I ran screaming joyful and blow and blow and blow... up to make my head turning! And don't speak about a sea of these flowers... I ran and rolled on them laughing and laughing...

What do you think I did less than a month ago???

BTW, how do you call these flowers??? I call them "soffioni" from the verb soffiare=to blow.
The scientific name is TARAXACUM OFFICINALE, dandelion!!! Is this the colloquial term you use?



...or how I want to see the world today!

Mirrors are always fascinating... in literature or cinematography are symbolic of a shift, a change of status... as a turning point is a must at this precise moment of my life I can start from a change in perspective ... Sometimes it helps...


"Fil Rouge" (2)

I forgot I had this... work in progress...
Days ago I saw these rain-boots, property of one of my "monsters" and I thought: "why not?"

See you soon with another red thing :)


Grilled vegetables

When the sun shines and the birds sing it’s time to BBQ!! Meat or fish , no matter.... you always find trays full of tasty grilled vegs!!! This time I bought round zucchini (!) so I can put them on a roasted slice of bread with aubergines and tomatoes!
Grill sliced aubergine, zucchini and bread, (if you like it you can rub a garlic clove on the bread); then put the vegetables on the bread in layers, adding in oil and salt between one slice and the other. Garnish with minced parsley and enjoy it!!!
OOOOOOOOOk I've tried to change it... to modify it!!! I don't like the pic just under the title... I don't like the text just stuck to the pic.... but clearly IT likes this way!!! I'm not able to control my blog... it's controlling me... Ok this time but only THIS TIME let's do it your way!!! Eheheh sometimes it's better to take it easy or I could crash my pc in thousand pieces :)



As the spider, patiently, wire after wire,
weave its web
so would I, patiently, word after word,
weave our speaking...
... but sometimes I can’t...

But be aware, my beloved kids,
I love you
and I will...


Gnocchi alla romana

This is an easy recipe, much beloved by my children... and my husband... and me!! All my family loves this dish!!

Take 1lt of milk and put it on gas added in salt; bring to boil. In this moment take the saucepan off and add in 250gr semolina, little by little, stirring weel (with a fork or a beater) to avoid lumps. Put it on again and cook for about 10 minutes stirring and stirring! It must be quite dense.After this time switch off the gas and add in 1 whole egg, 1 yolk, a good dose of Parmigiano cheese and a little of grated nutmeg. Lay the compound on a baking-pan covered with oven paper, shaping it as a thin, uniform layer (about 1/2 cm thick) and let it cool down.
Cut the compound into circles (I use a liqueur glass) and put them in a pyrex dish greased with butter; put the small discs overlap... mmm please look at the picture for a better understanding, it's difficult for me to explain... (indeed if you have suggestions for the right explanation you're, as always, very very welcome!!!). Garnish with butter flakes and Parmigiano. Put into preheated oven (200°C) and cook au gratin!


Chiara's ZOO !

Welcome my friends to Chiara's Zoo!
We'll open our gates on the magic world of animals
discovering it's similar to human's one!!

There's the tireless donkey...

... the quiet snail...

...the free seagull...

... the powerful steinbock...

...the loyal dog...

... and finally the independent cat!!

Which one you feel more similar to you?
Or which one would you be like?
Personally I feel like a donkey but I'd like to be a seagull.
Thank you for being with us at Chiara's Zoo.


Old works in progress...

I’m absolutely late for Haiku Festival but I’ve pulled from one of the million drawers in my house this four Haiga (in original painting and haiku written on it; my version is pictures and haiku ... more info here) and I’d like to share them with you. My lovely husband has written beautiful haiku to accompany my pictures...

Drops on the branches
trembling diffuse

august lightness

Dawn full of rain
a coffee in my hand, a rug
today I rest

Wooden wings
in a sky of dream
they can fly

Without words
your eyes are telling
everything about you

(haiku by MR)

Tips and comments are obviously welcome!!


Happy birthday to me!!

Yeah... today I'm older... but I don't really care :) I've got a beautiful family, a lot of fantastic friends, I love photograph and for this new year of my life I hope to make it my job!

I'm happy for this blog, 'cause I'm meeting many wonderful people.... I hope you all keep on visiting me to share my world! I long to know all your countries and if I cannot in person I'll know it for sure through your great blogs :)

(this is my world...)

(and this is my world!)

About friends... days ago I've received a beautiful present! Kristina (mostly berlin) passed on me this award...

thanks a lot!!

Now I want to pass it on four other blogs... here the list:

I pass the award on Polly's Sotto Voce for her wonderful way of writing... it's always a pleasure spend a while reading her posts :)
I pass the award on Ribbon's fragments treasures memories 'cause it's wonderful to have friends from "Downunder"!!! I love her blog, her pictures, her Mellow Yellow Mondays!!
I pass it on Konstantina's Exei Gousto for her sympathy, her yummy recipes, her great photo... and for she's greek and I love Greek :)
Finally I pass it on Viz of Desperate Houseviz for her beautiful blog, for her colours and for the scient of Lisboa :)
I leave you with a flower... may flower, for all the mummies :))


Another tour around Turin

Rearranging my photo-archive I gathered other thematic "blocks" about my city, Turin. After the "lantern" proposed in the previous post here’s to you some architectural details that adorn the famous Palaces of this city. If you make good attention you can find it anywhere ...

Here some staues accompanying historical and cultural Torino, wonderful memories of the past.

At last the “insignia”, a detail of Turin that remember me Prague (there are different aspects of Prague that remember me Turin... another time I’ll explore them!); cafes, restaurants and simple shops, theaters and cinemas... all these enriching the arcades and the streets of Turin with their history and role in society.

We are very far from an end of this overview on Turin ... but I need a friend to continue without big mistakes! Well let’s see what can be done JMeanwhile, if you can come and visit Turin in person, otherwise stay tuned for the next episode!!