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Another tour around Turin

Rearranging my photo-archive I gathered other thematic "blocks" about my city, Turin. After the "lantern" proposed in the previous post here’s to you some architectural details that adorn the famous Palaces of this city. If you make good attention you can find it anywhere ...

Here some staues accompanying historical and cultural Torino, wonderful memories of the past.

At last the “insignia”, a detail of Turin that remember me Prague (there are different aspects of Prague that remember me Turin... another time I’ll explore them!); cafes, restaurants and simple shops, theaters and cinemas... all these enriching the arcades and the streets of Turin with their history and role in society.

We are very far from an end of this overview on Turin ... but I need a friend to continue without big mistakes! Well let’s see what can be done JMeanwhile, if you can come and visit Turin in person, otherwise stay tuned for the next episode!!

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  1. beautiful photos! i particularly like the lettering of the signs, the neon lights, the old signs...