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Chiara's ZOO !

Welcome my friends to Chiara's Zoo!
We'll open our gates on the magic world of animals
discovering it's similar to human's one!!

There's the tireless donkey...

... the quiet snail...

...the free seagull...

... the powerful steinbock...

...the loyal dog...

... and finally the independent cat!!

Which one you feel more similar to you?
Or which one would you be like?
Personally I feel like a donkey but I'd like to be a seagull.
Thank you for being with us at Chiara's Zoo.


  1. Beautiful pictures again! I feel like a snail but I'd like to be a cat!
    I love the look on the dog though!

  2. Well Tulsa... these are times where is not bad to be quiet as a snail... everything's too frenetic today and the attention to the details and small, precious things is possible only slowing down! Bye :)

  3. The seagull reminds me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, do you know that little story, it's magic.

    I'd like to be a seagull, but at present I'm not entirely sure which animal I am. And I love the look of the dog too.

  4. Hi Polly! I know very well that story, I read it years ago and I loved it :) Maybe I must re-read it again!!! (can I say re-read???)
    Kisses, Chiara

  5. i feel like a cat and a dog rolled into one. wow, that's kind of strange, isn't it?