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Chronicle of a “pasta”… indeed two!

In this season I usually prepare a lot of tomato sauce; tomatoes are beautiful, perfumed and very very tasty! I prepare my sauce without any condiment (only simple tomatoes) so I can use it in various recipes. Today pasta: therefore “red sauce” (as my little kids say) and “ragù”.

First of all the tomato sauce.
Take ripe tomatoes, wash them and cut in four pieces; put them in a pot and cook gently until will not have consumed good part of their water. Then purèe with the vegetable mill so the skin will be removed. If the sauce is still too much liquid make it cook a little more, till you obtain the consistency you prefer.

For the red sauce: put in a casserole oil evo (extravirgin olive oil), a clove of dressed garlic and cook it gently for some minutes, till the oil takes the scent of the garlic. Add the tomato sauce (if you prefer at this point you can remove the garlic); in order to remove tomatoes acidity add in a sugar teaspoon, stir for some minutes, add in salt and cook for half an hour. While the sauce is cooking put on a saucepan with water added in salt until the water boil. At this moment put into the water some pasta (tortiglioni, maccheroni, spaghetti,... the one you prefer; more ore less 60-70gr per person) and cook for the right time (you can find it on the packaging). Strain the pasta and add the sauce; garnish with fresh leaves of basil and put on a generous dose of grated Parmigiano or Pecorino cheese.

For the ragù: chop a carrot, an onion, a little of parsley, a piece of celery and put all vegetables in a pan with extravirgin olive oil. Take a piece of lard or bacon and put it into the pan with minced vegetables, bond with a twig of rosemary. After a few minutes, as the bacon become browned put the minced meat and cook it with lively fire.

When the meat start to brown wash it with a good red wine and let it evaporate; add in salt and tomato sauce till covering the meat and leave the ragù cooking for a long time with a cover… (if necessary add in sugar); the more it cooks better is! (At least an hour and a half Grandma says!) While the ragù is simmering add in a bay leaf .

This is an ensamble of the two versions of my grandmothers, one born in Tuscany and the other lived many years in Bologna, motherland of ragù … there are many variants of this tasty sauce; any mom and Grandma prepares it on her own way! I only remember when I was a child and I soaked bread into that fantastic ragù...(with obvious disappointment of the grandmothers themselves!!); the same pleasure is for my kids every time I cook this sauce!
I’ll be happy if you want to share with me tastes of your infancy.
See you soon!!


  1. It sounds wonderful!!! But I am hungry...

    Great pictures!

  2. ahahahh here we say "I'm so hungry I could eat the legs of the chairs"!! I hope my ragù is better than this :)

  3. hehe, what a great expression - the legs of the chairs... :)

    i love that recipe, too, pasta with ragù is one of my all-time favourites!