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Ethereal memories

I could absolutely not hold... as I saw one of them I had to blow! Every time I saw one in green meadows I ran screaming joyful and blow and blow and blow... up to make my head turning! And don't speak about a sea of these flowers... I ran and rolled on them laughing and laughing...

What do you think I did less than a month ago???

BTW, how do you call these flowers??? I call them "soffioni" from the verb soffiare=to blow.
The scientific name is TARAXACUM OFFICINALE, dandelion!!! Is this the colloquial term you use?


  1. These images are GORGEOUS. I feel like I am there!

  2. Dandelions! (in English and in Japanese it is Tanpopo!)
    My mom picked some dandelions just like the one in your picture. She brought them home (without blowing away the seeds) and she sprayed hair spray on them! Now they don't blow away!

  3. @g: thanks :) if you can you have to run and blow through such a green!!! then you feel satisfied and ... young again, enthusiastic like a child!
    @Tulsa: Tanpopo!!! it's great :)) good idea your mom but soooo funny blowing them :)

  4. these photos are fantastic!!

    best wishes