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"Fil Rouge" (2)

I forgot I had this... work in progress...
Days ago I saw these rain-boots, property of one of my "monsters" and I thought: "why not?"

See you soon with another red thing :)


  1. So sweet. I miss the days of rain boots!

  2. If you mean the infancy... I totally agree with you! If you mean rain itself... well a little bit of sun just make me happy!

  3. Cool photos, I love the color contrast:-)

  4. It seems I missed a lot being away!

    The red boots are gorgeous. I wish I had a pair like this.

    And I absolutely love your spider web photos. I tried a similar series last year in September but it didn't work that well... I guess I don't have your talent!

  5. Your're right Marc, it's a nice contrast... the red is... SO red and the surrounding SO grey!!!

    Hi Polly, welcome back! I tried to buy these for me... no number for adults -.-
    I was lucky with the spider webs... all iced, the right light... and yes, I've spent a lot of time around hands were so cold!!!

  6. I love this "series"... you will continue right?!
    Red gives me energy and your pictures are so's like I'm getting a vitamins through my eyes! (that sounds weird, but it is a compliment...);-)

  7. Hi Tulsa :) Ty for the healthy compliment!!
    I'll continue with the series, maybe at the end another exhibition will be ready with this :))

  8. What a clever idea for a series! And so very pick-me-upish!

  9. hi Liz :) red is sooooooo full of energy and passional!!