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Gnocchi alla romana

This is an easy recipe, much beloved by my children... and my husband... and me!! All my family loves this dish!!

Take 1lt of milk and put it on gas added in salt; bring to boil. In this moment take the saucepan off and add in 250gr semolina, little by little, stirring weel (with a fork or a beater) to avoid lumps. Put it on again and cook for about 10 minutes stirring and stirring! It must be quite dense.After this time switch off the gas and add in 1 whole egg, 1 yolk, a good dose of Parmigiano cheese and a little of grated nutmeg. Lay the compound on a baking-pan covered with oven paper, shaping it as a thin, uniform layer (about 1/2 cm thick) and let it cool down.
Cut the compound into circles (I use a liqueur glass) and put them in a pyrex dish greased with butter; put the small discs overlap... mmm please look at the picture for a better understanding, it's difficult for me to explain... (indeed if you have suggestions for the right explanation you're, as always, very very welcome!!!). Garnish with butter flakes and Parmigiano. Put into preheated oven (200°C) and cook au gratin!


  1. That looks absolutely lovely. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. Will let you know how it turns out!

  2. I'll wait for you sentence!!! I hope you like it :)

  3. Your photos should be in a magazine...that looks so good! I really need to fix my oven...

  4. Dear Tulsa, thanks :) I hope it will happen soon, I'm working hard for this!
    Bye :)

  5. this looks so delicious! i think i have only ever had potato gnocchi. these look easier to form than the 'traditional' little lumps too.

  6. I should stop reading your blog before lunch break!! But I loved this post, and I love gnocci so I'm going to make them for my boyfriend this weekend. Thanks! Polly x

  7. @ g: thanks :) try them than tell me what you think!!
    @ beyond: they're surely easier than the other... and different in taste! Only the name is the same... you have to try them :)
    @ Polly: eheh you're right! I always read blogs during lunch break... terrible!! Bye :)

  8. this looks so delicious! can you tell me what you would usually eat this with? or would you traditionally just have it plain with a glass of wine perhaps?

  9. Hi Kristina! We usually eat gnocchi as main course... as spaghetti you know... with a good glass of wine it's perfect! :)