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Grilled vegetables

When the sun shines and the birds sing it’s time to BBQ!! Meat or fish , no matter.... you always find trays full of tasty grilled vegs!!! This time I bought round zucchini (!) so I can put them on a roasted slice of bread with aubergines and tomatoes!
Grill sliced aubergine, zucchini and bread, (if you like it you can rub a garlic clove on the bread); then put the vegetables on the bread in layers, adding in oil and salt between one slice and the other. Garnish with minced parsley and enjoy it!!!
OOOOOOOOOk I've tried to change it... to modify it!!! I don't like the pic just under the title... I don't like the text just stuck to the pic.... but clearly IT likes this way!!! I'm not able to control my blog... it's controlling me... Ok this time but only THIS TIME let's do it your way!!! Eheheh sometimes it's better to take it easy or I could crash my pc in thousand pieces :)


  1. Now I know what I want for lunch tomorrow! Such a tasty looking picture!

  2. Hi Tulsa! Happy to give you some help with your lunch!! But... iroiro is a variety of colours or it means "variety" of everything else? :) Have a nice weekend!

  3. oh wow, that looks so good! i wish i had some zucchini! it won't be long 'til we have them in the garden!

  4. Hi julochka! nice to meet you :) I love grilled veg 'cause they're light but very tasty!! And if you have zucchini in your garden the taste is more and more and more ..
    Bye and thanks for visit!

  5. I tried the gnocchi tonight that you posted about a few days ago and we loved it! Thanks for sharing it. This looks lovely too.

  6. Chiara.u, iroiro means a variety of anything (colors too)!
    Your blog has iroiro of beautiful pictures!
    Hope you have a glorious week!

  7. @ seaside: happy that you liked them :) and grilled veg... well they're light, coloured and very very tasty!!

    @ tulsa: reading your blog I learn iroiro of things about Japan :))

  8. I need to eat a couple helpings of this to make up for all the meat I've been eating lately! Love the combo you used.

  9. Ty Marc :) when you make BBQ it's absolutely necessary to eat some vegs to survive!