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Is there something to do....

I'd like to be there, sitting on that bench, reading something or simply sitting... with nothing to do... But it's impossible!! On sunday there's a party for my children, 30 people at my home... I must spend the entire week cooking for all, cleaning and trying to rearrange the ordinary mess of my family... nothing new for me, I always have a lot of people at home but it's an important celebration for the children and a lot of relatives are jumping around, giving "wise coucils" ... it's a little tiresome!!!

(It's not sunny today and that's why I'm a little meditative...)

No problem! Everything is under control!!
I only wanted to explain why I'll be so absent this week! Next week I can post something about that party, my two little angels will be so elegant and beautiful!!!
Well, I must go... as Depeche Mode say "is there something to do"? Yes, there is!!
See you soon. Chiara


  1. good luck with all your preparations - i'm sure that party is going to be just great! :)

  2. Wow, good luck! I just catered a party for 75 last week, so I know where you are.

  3. @ Kristina: hi! thanks for the encouragement!!
    Let's see again on Monday :)
    @ Marc: welcome in my little corner... not the best moment but next week will be better... I hope!!!
    Bye and thanks all for "good luck"!!

  4. LOL sorry! It was not me :) I've mistaken account... but no fear, that was my husband's!!!
    So, once again... see you soon :))