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Old works in progress...

I’m absolutely late for Haiku Festival but I’ve pulled from one of the million drawers in my house this four Haiga (in original painting and haiku written on it; my version is pictures and haiku ... more info here) and I’d like to share them with you. My lovely husband has written beautiful haiku to accompany my pictures...

Drops on the branches
trembling diffuse

august lightness

Dawn full of rain
a coffee in my hand, a rug
today I rest

Wooden wings
in a sky of dream
they can fly

Without words
your eyes are telling
everything about you

(haiku by MR)

Tips and comments are obviously welcome!!


  1. Wonderful photography and delightful haiku! Thank you so much for stopping by Willow Manor.

  2. It's a pleasure to meet you here Willow! I'll visit your Manor again'cause I like it so much!
    See you soon :)

  3. Wonderful haiku and glorious pictures! Not only would they be nice to hang on a wall, they would make wonderful postcards too!

  4. they are stunning, the haikus match the pictures wonderfully. very atmospheric...

  5. MR and I thank you all for nice words... we're very happy that you liked our beloved idea :)
    @ Tulsa: mmm good idea the postcards... we'll try to make some samples to see the result!