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As I promised here the recipe of the “tapenade”; native to Provence, I’ve learn it by a friend of mine who lives at La Reunion Isle!!. It’s very easy: take black and green pitted olives,(the original recipe say “only black olives”) add in some anchovies, a good part of capers and chop finely. Add in olive oil, lemonjuice and blend all. You can spread on toast bread... let me know what you think about it!! Ah... I don’t give any dose because I think this recipe is very... subjective... I can give you the components.. and you mix them as you prefer. Totally free!!! But if you want the right recipe you can find it here.

Hello world! See you soon.


  1. Oh another food post! And another recipee I really want to try! I'll be overdosing on French food this weekend but I'll give this a go some time soon...

  2. thank you, chiara, i'll try this one too!

    happy weekend! :)

  3. Well Polly, next time I promise you an Italian recipe (well the ragù was absolutely italian!!)
    I ask my Grandma recipes of my infancy... then I write them :) Bye
    Have a happy weekend too Kristina :))

  4. hey chiara, how was your weekend? how did the party go? have you recovered yet? ;)

  5. Hi Kristina!! I've just switched on the pc... I don't really know if I've recovered yet... still working! But the weekend was very nice, everyone enjoyed the party and I was very very happy :) Soon I'll post the chronicle of the preparations... during the party I could not take pictures... too busy!!! Maybe next time!!
    Bye :)

  6. dear chiara, i'm glad to hear you're still alive and the party went well!

    also, i'd like to pass my 'lovely blog' award on to you - maybe you'd like to take it? your blog is so nice! there's more info about it on 'mostly berlin' ...

  7. Hi Kristina!!! I'm very very happy about this award! you're so kind... most of all I'm very happy that you like my blog :)) I'll try to put the award... if I can! If not, sorry... I wait for my husband tonight :) Thank again for your kindness... and come visit me when you want !! Bye!

  8. hi chiara, you are very welcome, you deserve it! you can pass on the award to four other people if you like!

    i'd love to come to turin some time, i don't know when, but if i make any plans, i'll let you know ;) and do let me know if you ever come to berlin, too!

  9. Take it for sure Kristina!! If I ever come in Berlin I'll tell you :) Such a great guide is difficult to find :)