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Travelling through "Langhe"

We've passed the last three days travelling through a Piedmontese region named "Langhe", a marvellous place rich in hills covered by vineyards and hazel groves.

In this spring days it's fantastic to walk around in the fields and through the villages because everything's full in bloom and flowers seems to wait for your shoots.

And don't forget to taste the specialties of the local cooking and the good wines! I'll post in the next weeks some of the traditional recipes of this region.

Now only a simple and quick way we use to taste peppers:
Put the entire peppers in the oven and let them roast for a few time; they're ready when you can peel them easily. Let them cool down then remove the white peel and seeds inside; slice them in four-five pieces and put them in a plate; garnish with olive oil, anchovies and garlic slices on top!

Coming soon some more pictures of this recipe and different versions.


  1. Hello...
    Your landscape and nature shots are absolutely beautiful..

    best wishes

  2. Welcome back Ribbon! happy that you liked them :)

  3. I've been trying to choose one photo as my favourite but I can't. They're all stunning! They really make me long for a country walk and Italy...

    And I'm trying your peppers recipee tomorrow - sounds good! I've been thinking of a good way to use peppers for a while now... thanks!

  4. @Claire: welcome on board! Hope you will stay with us for a while at least, travelling through "minimal chronicles". See yu soon!!

    @Polly: if you come in Turin I will be glad to be you personal guide!! Many wonderful places and magic corners are waiting for you :)
    Thanks for your kind kind worlds!!