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Last week I've been in the laboratory of two friends of mine, who are carpenters and furniture restorer

I've seen how they work, I've seen the passion they put in every single gesture.

I've seen destroyed furnitures, useful only for the chimney, reborn to a new life in their expert and loving hands.

I've seen their enthusiasm vanishing, due to the ignorance of the people. I've seen the disappointment when their work were not understood and appreciated.

I've seen the hours spent around a wooden sculpture reduced to nothing. Wooden sculpture are a difficult thing, need patience calculations.

I've seen bitterness in their eyes to note that today, even the craftswork (literally "made with my own hands") is reduced to quick patching, without any care, with tools that remember more and more the industry instead of crafts!

People is in a hurry, they want beautiful things, but "quickly" and no matter if your work need love and dedication, devotion, if you need hours to bring to a new life a ruin, if the defects of some pieces (a chair, a table..) are part of its history... "no defects, no bugs" is the

And then, to do honour to them, who still cares about the authenticity of things and the respect of the "history" that hides behind every single object, I've carried home a symbol of
all these things.

I like to think that the owner of this chair put down a candle every night to write on a notebook his "minimal chronicles" and I'm happy to continue his work!


  1. The rounded corners of the wood give of a warmth that you don't see in metal or plastic... but the tools and brass (?) knobs are quite attractive too! It is comforting to know that there are real tradesmen still, people who restore the best of furniture and people who take the best of pictures!

  2. I too love a well worn piece of wooden furniture over modern materials any day.

    lovely photos and post.

    best wishes

  3. that's a beautiful post... i love the thonet chairs, but also the other chairs and objects you captured with your camera. i love it when things have a history and it shows. and it good to know there are people out there who cherish these things and look after them with so much passion!

  4. Hope they can continue their work; old wooden furniture warmth every corner of a house with their fascinating old stories!

  5. beautiful post and stunning photos, Chiara, thank you so much for this! I always wanted to create things and restoring old pieces of furniture sounds like a wonderfully creative and fulfilling task

    the chair you chose is stunning. I love the lyra motive in the back of it

  6. Hi Polly! I'd like to learn too; maybe... one day... I love the chair for the motive but most of all for the sign of the candle!
    Thank you for your always kind words :)

  7. your photos are so beautiful! and your chair looks lovely :-)

  8. these pictures are just beautiful! your friends are true artists.

  9. Thank you Kristina! Sorry for the late of the answer... have a nice day :)

    Hi beyond! You're right, they really are artists! Thanks for visiting!