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Today I was thinking about something tasty and yummy … et voilà… patè and mousse and sauces… coloured, tasty and absolutely good looking! You can put all these sauces on the croutons!!
Put in the mixer 2hg of ham, a little of rubra sauce (something like ketchup, for home made rubra you must wait... got to buy good, ripe tomatoes!!), half package of fresh cream, salt and pepper. Instead of the fresh cream you can use fresh ricotta cheese or other cheese you like! If you like you can add on a little of brandy!

Put 4 peppers in the oven to roast them. After a while pull them out and let them cool down into a paper bag. Then remove the skin and the seeds inside and cut into pieces. Put into a frying pan with a little oil and a sliced onion, let them brown a little. Add in 2 or 3 anchovies, 1 spoon capers than mix all adding in oil, salt and fresh cream.

Mince 2-3 anchovies, 1 spoon capers and mix with tomato concentrate (about 150gr), add in 1 teaspoon of mustard, oil and vinegar. Stir well adding in one spoon of hot water to emulsify. If the sauce is too acid add in one tspoon of sugar and if you like it spicy add in a little of chilli.

Mince a bunch of parsley, one garlic clove, 1 spoon of capers, 2-3 anchovies, the soft part of a sandwich wet with vinegar, a little chilli. Add in salt if needed and oil. Stir well adding in one spoon of hot water to emulsify.

These two sauces (the red and the green one) are good with croutons... but they’re sooooooo tasty with anchovies!!! Anchovies in red sauce and green sauce are a tipical, traditional Piedmontese dish.The green sauce is wonderful also with a particular kind of meat called “bollito”, a big piece of beef boiled into water with onion, carrot, parsley. But this is another recipe, for another post !!
If something’s not clear ask... I’ll answer.


  1. these look all absolutely delicious! and beautiful photographs, as always... have a good day! kristina

  2. The colors are so vivid! I love your pictures!

  3. Taste them, taste them!!! They're suuuuuper :)
    Bye Kristina, bye Tulsa :))

  4. I'll have them with croutons because I don't like anchovies. The colours are stunning and I would never, ever think you can make a ham mousse!

  5. with croutons they're great! You can also make a tuna mousse, it's quite the same thing :)

  6. Mmm yumm, I'm a condiment fanatic, and these all sound great. Especially love your green sauce. I bet it would be good with steaks too. Can't wait to see your Bollito recipe!

  7. Hi Marc! I ate this with smoked beef sliced thin as prosciutto... very tasty!
    One of these days... bollito day!!