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Today my mind rests...

Absolutely no inspiration for today! I don't want to cook anything "photographable"; I don't want to photograph anything in the kitchen; I have no desire to find something artistic-cultural-creative-intelligent; I don't want to think ... this is the real point: I don't want to think! Then I'm going to leave my mind resting and I'm going to do something with my hands: the gardener ...

But before I leave you three ugly photographs made with the mobile that I do like a lot indeed!

Have a nice week!


  1. I understand that feeling of not wanting to think!
    Goodness, you are an artist with your phone too!
    Have a great week♡

  2. Hi Tulsa :) You're always so kind! I'm always happy to read you comments :)) Have a great week too!!

  3. Sometimes we all need time not to think. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks Seaside! It's relaxing... :)

  5. Those photos are not ugly at all! They are great! I understand how you feel, I don't want to think either! Too tired! :)

  6. Chiara
    resting your mind is good for your soul

    best wishes
    great photos
    Ribbon x

  7. B thanks! I love this pics...even if not perfect! I hope that this period of laziness will end soon...
    Ribbon, you're so right... I still feel tired but the mind is going on as a train!!!