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It's time to leave: this saturday me and children go to my grandparents who lives in Tuscany, in Marina di Carrara!

Maybe I'll be less present on blogland in this period... maybe I can post something when I'm there, but before I leave, here's my news!

From this moment my kitchen moves here, so you will find everything concerning "food" on FOTO E RAGU'! Here remain my "chronicles", my projects, all the madness I thought from time to time!!
I hope that you like this news and I wait you in my kitchen; I wish you all WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS!!!
PS: anyway I think I don't disappear at all ;)


Fil rouge (5)

This period is quite busy for me and I'm not able to follow everything I'd like to; anyway I don't want to leave you alone for a long time so here comes a new piece of our FIL ROUGE puzzle!

I have some news for you all but it's a next week story.
Stay tuned.
Best wishes :)


Annecy: sunday market

On sunday morning in Annecy we found this wonderful market with its colours, scients and flavours, kind and gracious people and the "artistical" order of the benches...
In any case pictures are worth more than many words... have a good walk!!!


Annecy: brocante et marchè de l'art

In this weekend we chose Annecy as first stop of our journey: we passed through Monginevro and the famous Col du Galibier (famous for Tour the France lovers!), an impressive and wonderful spectacle of nature!

This road through the mountains is traveled by bikers (and I can understand...), many quad riders and cyclers (and I do not understand any more!!) who climbs up to 2646mt (not for me... too much effort!)

After few hours we arrived in Annecy, a wonderful town in southeast of France, quite near the border with Switzerland (35km from Geneva). Fortunately for us the last saturday of every month Annecy hosts brocante et marchè de l'art, a joy for the eyes and the heart.

I had a lot of fun with my camera and I think I must go there again to appreciate every single corner of the whole town.
For now, enjoy this!!

Stay tuned for another bet, there's more...