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It's time to leave: this saturday me and children go to my grandparents who lives in Tuscany, in Marina di Carrara!

Maybe I'll be less present on blogland in this period... maybe I can post something when I'm there, but before I leave, here's my news!

From this moment my kitchen moves here, so you will find everything concerning "food" on FOTO E RAGU'! Here remain my "chronicles", my projects, all the madness I thought from time to time!!
I hope that you like this news and I wait you in my kitchen; I wish you all WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS!!!
PS: anyway I think I don't disappear at all ;)


  1. have a wonderful holiday! and by the way: i love your new blog!!

  2. oh p.s.: don't know if you've seen yet, but i've just been to venice and the south of france and have started posting pictures of my trip on my second blog...

  3. Hi Kristina! I've seen your pics of venice... they're great :)) wait for more!

  4. Have a lovely holiday! I hope the weather is just right. I'm off to see your new kitchen now.

  5. have a safe and wonderful holiday with your family...
    best wishes

    PS... wonderful photos

  6. Ribbon, Polly, I wish you a wonderful holiday too! Hope I can read and write something in this period... otherwise we'll hear again after holidays :))