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Annecy: la ville

I just realized that since I've opened my foodblog I've neglected these "chronicles". So I decided to go back and start again from Annecy, a french gem that I loved a lot! It's been a rich and wonderful travel and source of big inspirations: after antique market and sunday market here comes a view on this beautiful city.

While we were wandering through the city park along the lake we had the luck to watch a concert that charmed us.

At the end what remains of Annecy is a wonderful memory because is an amazing and sparkling city. When you leave you know that you'll visit it again to discover other "minimal chronicles"!


  1. i love the picture with the star...what is that?

  2. it's a particular sundial with a 3d map of Annecy on the basement. it's located in JARDINS DE L'EUROPE, a wonderful botanical garden on the lakeside! I found some information about this monument on the web under CADRAN SOLAIRE D'ANNECY!! next time I'll study more :)

  3. stunning photos, so atmospheric

    I love the rose floating in the water and the orchestra

    thanks for this great trip

  4. thx Polly! Annecy is really a wonderful city!