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Here I am...

Marina di Carrara, the country where my grandparents were born, where my daddy was born, the home where I go for holidays every year since a long, long time... This is the olive, symbol of home... and family! He's there since more than hundred years, reassuring, silent witness of our lives.

Here's the little garden, warm and comfortable, with its fountain, also centenary as the olive.

One of the things I love more of this house is the possibility to live outside, always... eat, cook, wash... everything can be done outside...

... together with one more centenary object, this wonderful marble sink (don't forget we're in Carrara, famous all over the world for its marble quarries!)

Here there are always visitors... human and not...

Soundtrack of it all, the music of the wonderful guitar of my uncle...

I love Marina di Carrara even if it's not dreamland! The sea is not wonderful, the city itself is not so beautiful... but I love sitting on the rocks listening the song (or the shout... I remember my cousins and me running through the high waves that bypassed the pier!!) of the sea; I love walking on the sand, diving in the waves all the afternoon, then running home "because it's late"... and rinse the swimsuits full of salt and sand in the marble sink... I did all these things when I was a little child and now I can find my same gestures, my same emotions and moods in my little monsters... all so reassuring! I didn't post sea pics... you can find them in older posts and other will be posted in the future... but in this season it's not the sea I prefer! See you soon and wonderful holidays to all of you!!


  1. it is so nice when a place holds lots of memories... the light in your pictures is lovely and i like the way you describe everyhing!

  2. it looks like you're having an amazing time. it must be very special when generations of kids can sit in the same garden and tell their own stories.

  3. there is no place like home. and your sounds absolutely wonderful. it must have been wonderful growing up so close to nature. great photos!

  4. I love the photo of the guitar! And it's so nice that you feel so at home there!

  5. Very beautiful photos...

    I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.

    all the best wishes for your wonderful family time

    Ribbon :)