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Geneva: the queen on the lake

Geneva: it was the first time I saw it. It's a strange town: you can breath richness everywhere, everytime you look up you can read important names of watch manufacturers... very very important!! In the lake you can see every kind of sailing boat of every dimension and along the street in the front of the lakeside you can find boutiques of the most important designers; there's a lot of people walking around, riding bikes, going on rollerblades or scooter; nevertheless I felt a little bit annoyed... Unfortunately I didn't find the vivacity of some little towns! Maybe the reason is that I still had the eyes full of the colours and the brightness of Annecy or Yvoire. Anyway here's some pictures; I hope that another visit can change my mind!!

This enormous jet of water is the symbol of Geneva: le JET D'EAU is 140 meters high and you can see it from all over! In fact I couldn't look away...

Is fantastic that you can feel like at the seaside... but it's a lake. I fell quite nervous to have a bath in a lake... Nessy, you know!!

See you soon, for another journey! Next time I'll go to Geneva I hope to meet someone who can guide me for a better and satisfying visit!


  1. i thought the first jet d'eau photo was snow and ice. very nice. you know, geneva annoys me a bit too. it seems impersonal and unemotional. but i have to admit, i don't know this city very well and perhaps i have just not been to the right places yet.

  2. I thought the same thing. and for this reason I hope to see it with someone who knows it very well and who shows me the best of this city.

  3. stunning photos! I flew through Geneva this summer but I didn't get a chance to see it, shame

  4. don't know if you've lost something great... as I said I didn't find it so... brilliant! have a nice week end :)

  5. These photos are really dramatic, I like them!
    I always thought Nessie was quite a nice monster, he's not scary! :)

  6. Hi B! Maybe you're right! I love so much Scotland that I could share it with "dear Nessy"!!

  7. What a beautiful blog .. . I love your photographs !
    (I found you through Carla)


  8. Hi Judith! Welcome on board!! Thank you very much, I'm happy that you like my "chronicles"...
    See you soon!!