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Yvoire: flower's village

After we left Annecy we headed to Geneva. On the road we met this wonderful medieval village of fishermen that's Yvoire! Is situated on the french side of Lac Leman and it's paradise of flowers and birds! There you breath history, traditions and a stunning scent of flowers!!
Enjoy the visit!!

Quiche lorraine is wonderful, and a bite to a traditional baguette is a must: we need a refreshment to continue our travel to Geneva!

stay for more...


  1. a lot of this reminds me of home. looks like you were there on a perfect day.

  2. I love that pink bottle! And the flowers... and everything! Wonderful photos!

  3. stunning! a perfect little village. pure bliss

  4. Everything's really lovely B! Everywhere you look you can see something interesting to picture! And you're so right Polly: the people walking around eating or drinking something, the dogs diving into the water, trying to catch ducks, the little shops down the street to the lake, the birds (they're sooooo funny!), all surrounded by the scent and the colours of the flowers... pure bliss and pure poetry!!