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24 hours are too few!

My dear Friends!
I'm sorry for the long absence from this blog... and from all your blogs! In this period I'm rather busy and it's difficult for me to keep three blogs, especially considering that this blog is a simple translation of CRONACHE MINIME, my italian one. On the other side I' m so sorry to lose all the beautiful people I met through this blog... I know I'm not a writer and I really don't write assiduously... but I like to share my world through photograph most of all and if you would like to visit me again you can do it
here. I promise translation of the few lines I write!! Pictures... they don't need any words!! I hope to read you again and I wish you a wonderful day!


PS of course you can visit my kitchen everytime you like!!!


Sagra della Zucca or Pumpkin Festival!

Every first weekend of October in the village named Piozzo, where our Grandpa lives (marvellous Piedmontese hills), there is the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, a great exhibition of pumpkins which seeds come from all over the world. These nature wonders create a caleidoscopic show of shapes and colours that every year charms a huge number of visitors twisting this quiet village. In the village square you can find many ancient chariots full of multi-coloured pumpkins and a lot of stand selling tipical products of the regions, not only pumpkin based. If you're planning a trip to Italy next year in this period I suggest to include this stunning Festival in your agenda... it worth! For this year you have only to make a virtual tour.