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Sagra della Zucca or Pumpkin Festival!

Every first weekend of October in the village named Piozzo, where our Grandpa lives (marvellous Piedmontese hills), there is the PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, a great exhibition of pumpkins which seeds come from all over the world. These nature wonders create a caleidoscopic show of shapes and colours that every year charms a huge number of visitors twisting this quiet village. In the village square you can find many ancient chariots full of multi-coloured pumpkins and a lot of stand selling tipical products of the regions, not only pumpkin based. If you're planning a trip to Italy next year in this period I suggest to include this stunning Festival in your agenda... it worth! For this year you have only to make a virtual tour.


  1. Thank you for the virtual tour! I like the colours!

  2. Hi B! Pumpkins have doubtless beautiful colours! A perfect subject for a photoshoot!
    See you soon :)